Bulk sauces and preserves

These value added bulk lines for restaurants / cafes are available in 1 litre plastic containers.

Please refer to your local distributor for Food Service prices and delivery details.


Savoury Sauces

Bush BBQ Sauce - With Bush Tomato
Quandong & Chilli Sauce - Wild peach savoury sauce
Pepperberry Sauce - Sweet & hot
Lemon Myrtle & Chilli Sauce - Aussie sweet chilli

Relishes etc

Kutjera Relish - Bush tomato relish
Muntries Chutney - Native apple chutney


Bush Tomato Balsamic - True Australian salad dressing
Summer Breeze Dressing - Desert limes, pepperleaf & honey

Sweet Dessert Sauces

Quandong Sauce - Wild peach topping
Desert Passion Sauce - Liquid gold on pancakes


Quandong Jam - Native peach jam
Native Currant & Muntrie Jam - Taste of the Coorong
Passionberry & Fig Jam - Passion from the bush
Wild Lime Marmalade - Bring the wild to your breakfast
Rosella Flower & Wild plum Jam - Enjoy the flavours of the rainforest


Lemon Aspen and Lilly Pilly Cordial - A light and refreshing taste of the Australian Rainforest
Wild Lime Cordial - A flavoursome cordial made from Australian Desert Limes
Wild Peach Cordial - A delicious wild fruit cordial made from Quandongs
Wild Spearmint Cordial - A thirst quenching mixer made from fresh Australian River Mint