Lemon Aspen (White or Southern Aspen)

Achronychia oblongifolia (Family Rutaceae)


This bushy tree, with glossy green leaves, can grow to 15m with deep soil and a good water supply. It's natural habitat is the south eastern NSW but has adapted well to all the temperate zones of Australia.

The crisp snowy white, segmented fruit 1 to 2cm in size, have a delightful lemon / pine flavour. At Reedy Creek Nursery, Lemon Aspen is grown in orchards, co planted with Lemon Myrtle, Magenta Lilly Pilly and Riberry. The organic mandate and clean rural conditions guarantee a quality crop of Lemon Aspen, available fresh November / December and frozen the rest of the year. The eastern Round Lemon Aspen (Acronychia acidula) is available fresh in April and frozen the rest of the year.

Uses: The distinctive flavour of this Australian fruit will add a real citrus / pine zing to any dessert, gelati or fruit drink.